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Zach Warner
Founder | Producer | Creative Director

I’m half German sausage and half Italian sausage, and that makes for one tasty sandwich. My favorite past time is being on tour. There is nothing like being in a different city and state every day, constantly meeting new people and making connections. I have worked as a grip, camera operator, editor, graphic designer, web developer, and now a multimedia producer.

In 2002, I started a freelance web development company called Future Net Media. After three years of chasing money I decided to get back in to T.V., so I went on tour with MTV Real World/Road Rules as a camera operator and production coordinator which led to producing and coordinating Reality T.V. and Television Commercials.

I’m now back in full force ready to help you out on any of your creative needs.

The name of this site, “Zulu Whiskey” is the military alphabet for my initials.

Clients included: To see full show history click here
Capitol Records, MTV, VHI, CMT, Bravo, National Geographic and The History Channel.[hr

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